8 thoughts on “Life in Colour: Gold”

    1. Great to have you back, Jo. I’m just about to nip over and have a look at your walk which I’m sure will be as great as all the others. Maybe not so colourful because it’s not Portugal, but we’ll see.
      Things OK here although we had panic stations for two weeks until this Sunday as one of my nephews was hospitalised with Covid. Rushed there quickly, ICU, isolation in separate ward, oxygen tent. His 6 year old daughter had with with him and she tested positive so she had to be admitted as well and of course, her grandmother, my sister, couldn’t have her. Luckily, they had some neighbours who’d all had Covid and had antibodies and they agreed to look after her, so things calmed down a bit. Marcus is now at home in recovery and has become an ambassador for the vaccine having only had one which perhaps saved his life.


  1. It’s both beautiful and alarming at the same time.

    Visiting Dubai must be on a grand scale like how I feel visiting the furrier and other high end shops in Jackson Hole. I’m impressed by the goods but then depressed at the thought of how little they pay the craftsmen and sales people compared to the exorbitantly high prices they command, which only few can afford. It’s a crash course in classism.

    I’m always leaving there with mixed feelings lol.

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