How long is a Week?

Last time I blogged I said I was taking a week off on my eye consultant’s advice but this has turned into many more weeks than originally thought.

Still no improvement on the eye front but having another series of eye injections. One eye has more or less given up on me, and the other is stable at the moment but has periods of behaving badly. Bright sunshine makes for difficult days when I have to keep the blinds drawn indoors and can’t venture outside and my reading, computer work and tv watching, are all drastically reduced.

However, I did manage to get away for a 3-day trip to Gothenburg for a 50th birthday party which was brilliant. No time for sight-seeing, as it was purely to visit family and talk but great to be able to hug and be hugged by family again.

And last week I was invited to lunch in the New Forest with a friend who was driving there, making it all possible. We had a glorious day and we drove through the wilder parts of the forest, avoiding the towns and villages, pretty though they are, and just enjoying the sight of the wild ponies and donkeys along the roadside.

Lymington Quay

We had a late lunch in the lovely old Ship Inn on the Quay at Lymington (high recommended by the way) and watched the swans in the water for a few minutes before catching the ferry back to the Isle of Wight. A few pictures here of my day out.

Meantime, I’m still rationing my time online, time spent reading and time watching TV but I’m now managing to read some of the blogs from those I follow. I don’t comment yet, but I’ll be back soon!

25 thoughts on “How long is a Week?”

  1. So glad you were able to get to Göteborg. I should have been in Sverige a few weeks ago – at the same time as you – for my 60th birthday but of course I shelved those plans when Covid happened.
    Hope the eyes keep working! Take care

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about your ongoing eye problems, but I’m happy you were able to go on a few outings still. I’ll be keeping my fimngers crossed for your eyes still.

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  3. Lovely to hear from you Mari and I’m glad your enjoying things. The fireworks look amazing, every birthday girl should have her name in lights! Hope the problems with your eyes settle soon and the injections are a success. Take care and know I am thinking of you.

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    1. Thanks, Helen, but must make a correction. The fireworks were for my nephew Kelly’s 50th, not mine. I’m a long way past 50, more’s the pity! Thanks for the good wishes and I’ll keep posting, but not as frequently as before. It’s nice to know how many nice people on the blogosphere are rooting for me.


    1. Yeah, how’s about that! The trip abroad was only made possible by the fact that two other members of the family were also going and they made all the arrangements. Apart from the eye problem, I realised that not travelling, not having to get organized, in fact being totally lazy, had made me feel a bit panicky when it came to doing it. I think I could cope better now but have no desire to travel alone – if I can find another way!


  4. Good to hear from you and know that, despite the ongoing problems with your eyes, you’ve been able to get away to see family and enjoy that lovely day out with your friend. It’s always good to see you online but don’t overdo it and don’t feel obliged to visit, read and comment on other blogs. Your well-being comes first, blogs can wait 🤗

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    1. Thanks for your advice, Sarah, it’s lovely to know your concerns. I think I’m learning to pace myself better but I’m having to re-learn how to write! It’s a muscle like any other and I’ve been shocked at how boring some of my pieces were when I wrote them – a lot to do with not travelling and not being stimulated. I’m still reading my favourites, of course, and enjoy them as much as ever but being excused from commenting on each one is good. Loved your last two pieces.

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  5. Mari, take it easy with reading the blogs. Just enjoy every opportunity like this that you can. It must be difficult having to hide from sunlight but it’s wonderful to know that you can still have an outing or two. And hugs! Even better!

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    1. Yep, I’m just playing it every day as the cards fall. If it’s a bad say sight wise, then I listen to the radio (and thank heavens for the BBC, great plays and talk shows, without it i’d be lost), a good day I can still go for a walk, see and smell the sea, or be in the garden. I’m luckier than some.


    1. Thank you. One of the perverse effects of the condition is that my vision is skewed when taking photographs. They all have to be straightened afterwards but at the time of taking, they seem perfectly well aligned!


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