Return to Blogging

So, after a long absence I have returned to blogging.  Friends have been asking me why I’ve neglected my blogs for so long and I can only plead overwork in other fields and, perhaps, a little bit of laziness as well.

Now, however, I am determined to get back into the swing of things and update the blog on a regular basis, starting off by detailing some of my travels which have taken me to France, Italy, N. Ireland, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam since I last uploaded words and photos on the site.

First, I wanted to make sure everything was working on the site, to add one or two gadgets which will make it easier for people to comment on the blog if they wish, and I’ve changed the background colour.  I’ve also added some new menus to the strapline which I hope you’ll like, I enjoyed playing with them myself, darting from Mosaic to Classic, from Timeline to Flipchart (and isn’t the flipchart one amazing?).

So, watch this space.  Meantime, here’s a few recent images from my travels.  Hope you like them.

  Orchids in Thailand

 Sheep and Shed in Ireland

Auxerre in France

Menu in Italy

Oranges in Spain

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