Photo Challenge – Vibrancy


road markings, Taiwan.jpg
Road Markings in Taipei – © Mari Nicholson

Trying to find just the right vibrancy is difficult if one decides to discard the “Fruit and Flower” file.  I nearly managed it but now one of the CDs on which there is an image or two I wanted to use has got stuck in the slot and I can’t remove it.  I’m losing patience so perhaps it’s best if I just pin a couple here and move off to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and come back later.

So, something different from flowers I hope, road markings on a road in Taipei looking down from a window in, I think, a Museum.  The Yellow really stood out as did the soft green of the trees backed by a darker green (not much dark green showing on my image, unfortunately).

Then it’s back to flowers again, I’m afraid, but the vibrancy of these exotic orange ones with their cushion of green leaves in a silver bowl struck me as I walked into a hotel in Khao Lak last year.  I’d like to take that flower arranger home with me.  Even thick-stemmed flowers always fall over when I try an arrangement like this.

Vibrancy of tropical floweers.jpg
Flower Arrangement in Khao Lak

© Mari Nicholson



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