An Illustrated Walk on the Beach, Isle of Wight


My new camera, the Sony A6000, has a brilliant inbuilt programme that turns the image from a  basic photograph to one that can isolate one colour, say red or blue, leaving the remainder of the photograph in black & white; changes the image to one that looks like a water-colour with the tints bleeding into each other; and, my favourite, illustration which alters the photograph miraculously so that it looks like a graphic illustration.  It is tempting to embark on designing a comic strip, or to illustrate an article with an illustration instead of an image.

Here I give you a few samples of Illustration, taken on a walk along my local beach the other day, a cold wintry day but with a blue sky lighting the day.  I hope they reproduce in the blog as they do on my screen, best viewed very large.

Beach and Cliffs with People, Sandown, Isle of Wight
Fishing Boat on Horizon at Sandown, Isle of Wight
By the Pier a Young Man Kicks a Football and Children Play in the Sand, at Sandown, IoW on a wintry day.
By the Pier a young lad kicks a football and two children play in the sand, at Sandown, IOW, on a wintry day.
DSC00748 - Copy
Blue skies, calm(ish) waters with the White Cliffs of Culver at Sandown, Isle of Wight.

5 thoughts on “An Illustrated Walk on the Beach, Isle of Wight”

  1. When it comes time to get a new model, I can recommend this one. If you’re the sort who can carry and cope with other lens as well, this one has a selection you can buy, as well as filters etc. I just use the Auto function on mine, my days of hauling a bag full of accessories are long gone, I’m for an easy life now.


    1. I find myself photographing everything in this mode at the moment, it’s fun finding out, and I too am amazed at the results. A great benefit, of course, is that you can photograph people without having to block out their faces or get permission from them. It’s especially good where children are involved for this reason. The watercolour I’m not so keen on, but I’ll post a few one of these days, along with the ‘one colour in isolation’ so that you can see the result. .


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