Harmony: Weekly Photo Challenge


Life is hard if you have a disability in most of S.E. Asia, probably a bit worse in Cambodia which is still a poor country, but this group of blind musicians are making the best of things by performing close harmony songs by the roadside and collecting money from passers-by.

A Group of Blind Musicians in Cambodia

Blind Musicians by the Roadside in Cambodia


One of the lovliest places in Vietnam, a short drive from the capital Hanoi.  It is peaceful and harmonious, massive karsts thrusting up out of the sea and junks and smaller boats moving slowly on the calm green waters in and out between them.  Inside some of these karsts are caves full of stalactites and stalagmites, well worth a visit, but do take a guide because they can also be dangerous.

Halong Bay, Cambodia
The calm waters of Halong Bay, Vietnam – Photo Mari Nicholson

On the calm waters of Halong Bay, the junks and the Karsts make for a very harmonious image.  Despite the storm clouds there is a sense of harmony here and as night falls the boat people cook their meals on deck and the smell of spices and fish roll across the waters.

Junk in Halong Bay, Vietnam
Junk in Halong Bay, Vietnam – Photo Mari Nicholson