Photo Challenge: Face in the Crowd


Like many people, I hesitate to photograph people without their knowledge.  Sometimes, if the mood is right, I ask permission, but then the people invariably strike poses or give an embarrassed smile for the camera.  So, the few I have are usually street scenes or action scenes.  Some I feel I couldn’t display publicly as they could be misinterpreted, have vulnerable children in them, or are otherwise not suitable.   Below are some I hope fit the challenge and I have captioned them.

Street scene, Tokyo
Tokyo’s Busiest Intersection at a Quiet Time


Street Barber in Hanoi, Vietnam
A Street Barber in Hanoi


Sicilian Afternoon
A Sicilian Afternoon – a Male only custom!


Siesta on the Boat: a Trader takes a rest in Halong Bay, Vietnam






7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Face in the Crowd

  1. Probably, dawn to dusk for some people, but as for hectic? I don’t think so. Life is taken at a very slow pace here, and any spare moment is used for sleeping. I’ve never met people like the S.E. Asians who could sleep at any time and in any place.


  2. Glad it tripped a memory. In this particular village, all the women (when we saw them) wore black shawls and the men seemed very suspicious of us. Mind you, we were in a very remote area in the mountains.


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