Rain in Sicily

Marooned in my very nice hotel in Syracuse where it has rained now for 3 days.  And when I say rain, I mean torrential rain falling from the sky non-stop.  As most of what I’ve come here to see is outdoors, like the Roman and Greek theatres, that’s not good news, although I did manage some of the smaller sights before the deluge.  I’ve been here before so it’s not too bad for me but my travelling companion is very disappointed.

We were luckier in Taormina where, although we had heavy rain there too, we managed on the good days to do the essential sights.

To those bloggers with whom I usually keep in touch this is the reason for my silence.

To compound matters I left my ‘phone in the security section at the airport (now awaiting collection when I get back), my IPad locked me out, and as I can’t retrieve its text code on my mobile OR landline, it asked me the usual security questions like mother’s maiden name, first pet and first school: no probs.  Then it asked me when I opened my Google Account!  Can anyone remember when they opened theirs?  So I’m still locked out.

I always carry my little Kindle in my pocket for convenience and it has been my saviour.  It never asked me daft security questions and it just logged on to the hotel internet like a pro. when I remembered this morning that it also does emails.  WordPress needed my password which I couldn’t remember so it I’ve had to get another, but that’s OK, I’m online now and have read a few blogs.

I don’t think I can upload photos though, so will not be posting until I’m home again.

Meantime, here’s to the Kindle, much better value for money in my opinion, and a definite thumbs down for the IPad.  This is the second time the IPad has done this to me so I should have known better than to rely on it.










9 thoughts on “Rain in Sicily”

  1. Not sure if you’re home again by now. It doesn’t sound like the luckiest trip to what I understand is a very beautiful country. I’m hearing about a freezing cold front headed our way and am hoping it doesn’t hurry as my son arrives on Friday, looking forward to a relaxing time at the beach. 🙂 🙂 I don’t have a Kindle but it sounds like a good investment to me. I am rather prone to dropping the odd book in the bath so I’ll need a boat shaped one.


    1. Yep, home now but coping with various problems which can’t be avoided. Will get back to blogging soon, I hope. And hope that the threatened bad weather doesn’t call to a halt our Indian summer and your good weather in Portugal. I shall pray to the weather god to make it good for your son’s visit.

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    1. Too late. By the time I’d read your comment we had left Taormina for Syracuse. However, I hope to return one day and I’ll remember your recommendation

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