Thailand – Before mass tourism

This photograph is about ten years old. I rediscovered it when searching for something else.

Erecting scaffolding in Thailand, many years ago. Seldom seen nowadays.

At the time as I took this photograph I remember photographing monkeys playing on the telephone wires that rang from pole to pole along the street and musing on the risks to life one encountered in that lovely country.

Things have come a long way since then, I know, but up-country the same risky scaffolding can be found. It’s to be hoped that the workers are as nimble as these ones were ten years ago.

6 thoughts on “Thailand – Before mass tourism”

  1. I’m sure this happens in every country where Health and Safety Rules are not in place. Let’s up those in the UK are not diluted when we exit the EU.


  2. Health and safety often doesn’t seem to have much importance in Portuguese life, either, Mari. Not quite on that scale but we’ve seen folks standing in the raised shovel of a digger to reach overhead cables. No safety helmet, of course!
    Thailand was the place I was desperate to visit when I was young. It seemed so exotic. I never made it 😦


  3. Actually, I think they are the scaffolders, just putting it together!
    But isn’t it amazing how we forget health and safety when relaxing on holiday in another country. When I think back to the times I went in speedboats without a life-jacket I grow cold. Maybe that was youth rather than forgetfulness! Older and wiser now I check and double check everything.


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