Is it me? WP? Or gremlins?

Just to say that I’ve heard nothing from any of you lovely bloggers out there whose posts regularly pop into my Inbox to cheer me up. Finally, feeling both frustrated and cross, I approached WP for a reason as I knew you would all be posting and they suggested I check my Notifications page.

So I did. And guess what. A gremlin, or something, or somebody, had been in there an ticked the box to block all notifications. I am at a loss to account for this as I’ve never even seen this page to my knowledge.

But anyway, just so you know why you haven’t had any comments from me. I’m still here, not able to post due to pressure of things, but hoping to start soon, and meantime, I shall try and catch up with everyone’s recent posts.


11 thoughts on “Is it me? WP? Or gremlins?”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I’ve never bothered with an RSS reader but I’ll look into it. At the moment I don’t want to have to do any more, i.e. taking the positive step to looking, and to date have found the WP notifications satisfactory. When I get one, then I check. But for the future, I think I’ll look at your system.


  2. I do not rely on WordPress to notify me of other people’s posts. I find it far more efficient to put all the blogs that interest me into my RSS reader (currently Inoreader) and to check this regularly. I have Inoreader both on the PC and on my iPhone. In fact, I am writing this comment on my iPhone via Inoreader.


  3. I had never heard of Feedly until now. I’ve just Googled it and it looks interesting so I’ll check it out properly tomorrow and sign up. It’s now 2.30 a.m. late even for me, so I’d better get off to bed! Thanks for the info.


  4. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Actually, I’d just noticed that my photo had disappeared from my site and a gravatar put in its place. I wasn’t aware of this so will try and fix this now. Thanks again.


  5. In order to make it more easy for readers, please also update your gravatar 👣 actually the gravatar is leading to a deleted blog 💥 and unfortunately not right here 🤔 a bit confusing and also not increasing your traffic, just more the opposite what is not so nice. Cheers.

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  6. WP sent me this reason for my not receiving notifications:
    From my end I believe what happened was your email address was bouncing and our automated systems disabled email updates so that we wouldn’t spam an email address that wasn’t accepting messages. Immediately after I see the system setting the block email updates setting to “on” I noticed your email address was changed. Finally, 40 minutes ago I see the setting was changed to “off” so it looks like you are good to go and you should start seeing email updates roll in shortly.
    (I can’t remember why but when I wanted to cancel one account I’d opened years ago or combine two, WP said I would have to change my email address to and this has somehow gummed up the works. They have assured me it’s all OK now, so I shall delve into your Azores experiences and catch up on what you’ve been up to).


  7. Darn! Good to know you’re still out there. I did post a comment on your previous blog asking if you were ok. 🙂 🙂 You will have weeks of Azores to catch up, if you ever find the time. Stay well, Mari- that’s the main thing!

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