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I don’t know if anyone out there can help me. I’ve been unable to Post for 2-3 weeks now because I cannot upload images. Last year I Upgraded in order to have the extra space for images along with other facilities and I have the receipt for this and account shows that it is not due for renewal until October 2020 when it will be taken from my account.

When I changed my theme accidentally a few weeks ago, it reverted to a Free theme and I think this is why it will not allow me to add more images, although why it should have reverted I cannot imagine.

I have put 5 Help messages up on the Forum but although my query is acknowledge and I am told someone will get back to me I have never heard again from anyone. After delving into the murky innards of my account with WP I discovered that the email address there was an old one which I discarded over two years ago. I re-validated this to ensure they had my current email address even though I receive regular notifications from them at this current address.

I don’t know what else to do except to discard the whole thing and start all over again with a new WP site but I am loathe to go down this road. There seems to be no way of contacting them other than putting a message on the Forums (done) and sending a message to the Helpline (done). I gave them my current email address and also pointed out that my WP is travelswithmycamera.blog not travelswithmycamera.com which is the only site showing.

Anyone got any other ideas?



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  1. Thanks for that, I wasn’t aware of that. I’ve got a Yahoo account as well with which I opened the new site but it somehow migrated to the Chrome one. Never mind, all a steep learning curve for me – and I thought I knew it all – but I just feel so relieved that the main problem has been sorted, anything else I can cope with! This is especially so today when the sun is shining so brightly and there is little wind, so I’m off to potter in the garden and do battle with the slugs. Thanks again for all your help and support.


  2. I’m surprised WP are not more understanding and helpful. I thought better of them than this. I hope that you do manage to achieve a better settlement.

    If the worst happens and you have to have recourse to our plan number 2, let me know and I will share my experience with you.


    1. Finally, a resolution to the main problem. I didn’t have time to keep you updated on what was happening but suffice to say, emails were going back and forth. Meantime, I opened a new site just to be able to post something but then when I logged on there, I was taken to my old site BUT, I couldn’t write on it, just read what was already there. With me so far? I could write and people could comment on the new site Sketches from Mari but the old site was still inoperable as far as I was concerned.
      Then yesterday, I had an email saying they had sorted it, my original Premium Plan was restored and my account credited. My old site is now back and working and all is as it should be. However, I now have to work out how to either link the two sites or else transfer the couple of posts I put on there on to what I call my ‘true’ site (I think that is what I shall do). It shouldn’t be difficult but I haven’t got the energy to start that at the moment. I’m almost scared to touch anything in case I break it!
      Meantime, thank you for being with me on this. It’s nice to know that someone out there was willing to a helping hand.


      1. I’m very glad that WordPress came through for you in the end and restored your account. It’s only right that they should. I hope it will be plain sailing for you from now on.

        With regard to the two posts on the new blog, if you have two browsers, say Firefox and Google Chrome, you could open each blog in a different browser, enter the editor in both, then copy/paste the post from one to the other. That would save rewriting the posts all over again.

        (It has to be to different browsers because you can’t open two instances of the same browser.)


  3. I’ve finally had help from the WP engineers but I’m not happy with what they tell me. Like you I took a Premium account last March and this covers me for two years. I had forgotten this for a second when I clicked on a Why not Upgrade ad that popped up and clicked ‘yes’ for one that cost £174 for two years. Almost immediately, I realised that I had this already so I immediately cancelled it – within 20 minutes all told. Apparently, this is what has caused the problem. By my cancelling this upgrade WP cancelled everything as they said an allowance had been made for the amount I had in credit! So, my Plan has been returned to a Free Plan which means I have no more room for images, nor can I access better Themes. I’m still fighting it, but ……

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  4. Oh, Mari- that’s awful! I popped back here after your visit to mine today to see if you had made any progress with the blog. I’m glad of the practical help from Silver Tiger but so sorry about your neighbour.
    I know a couple of bloggers who had used up their photo allowance and rather than pay extra had done a workaround, changing the name slightly to obtain another free blog. I intended to do this myself but left it too late, so I now pay for Premium. It’s not an expensive hobby but I hate it when anything goes wrong.


  5. On your new blog (which I’ll call the store blog), you click on Media and then Add New. That takes you to the screen for adding photos. Add your photo or photos.
    Back on your active blog, when you want to insert a photo, choose the option to add photo from an URL.
    Go to your store blog and click on the photo you want. This will bring up a screen for that photo and at bottom right will be the URL. Copy it and paste it into your active blog in the Add Photo screen.
    It’s much easier to do than to explain!
    (This assumes that you are using the Block Editor.)
    If you run into any problems, contact me and I’ll see if I can help. You can use the email address appended with this comment.

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    1. I shall have to leave this problem for a few days as I had a terrible shock this morning. I went in to see my neighbour who hadn’t answered two of my calls and found her dead in her chair. I thought at first she was sleeping but …. no. Have just dealt with the ambulance service, the police, and what family members I could reach – she has no family anyhwere near – and waited for the undertakers to come. Feeling as though I’ve been whacked good and proper. The only good thing is that the police were complimentary about the ‘good neighbour’ bit.


    2. For an update, see my comment below in answer to restless jo. It’s not a happy outcome and I shall continue to fight this, but meantime, I think I shall go ahead and open a new site but, as you suggest, I shall sign out of WP as well as Google, before I do this. I’ve got a lot to deal with at the moment and I need a clear head to make sure I get this right, so it might be a few days before I’m posting again. Meantime, your help has been invaluable, not least in just listening so that I don’t think I’m a complete idiot!


  6. Thank you, Silver Tiger, No. 2 solution sounds brilliant. I shall get down to that today and hope for the best. I presume I shall have to open it from another browser and if I try from this browser it will recognise my original site? Anyway, I shall try both ways. Watch this space – or another!


    1. Sorry to hear about your problem. For perspective, I have several free WordPress blogs, some with over a 100 pictures I believe, and I have not bumped up against a limit–as of yet. Perhaps I was grandfathered in? Hope you find a solution.


      1. Problem now solved and I hope all will be well from now on. It was such a shock and it took so long to get it sorted out but, fingers crossed, all is now well.

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  7. Five years ago, I suddenly could not access might blog to add posts. Like you, I posted requests for help several times and as no help came, reverted temporarily to my old Blogger blog. Then suddenly, it all worked again. I hope the same will happen for you.

    With regard to the photos, there are two workarounds I can think of:
    1. You can upload your photos to a site such as Flickr and link them to your blog from there;
    2. You can open a new (free) WordPress blog which will have its own allowance of photo space. You can upload you photos to it and link them from there to your current blog.

    My preferred solution would be 2. because you can open as many free WP blogs as you wish whereas Flickr now has a limit, I think, and keeps changes its rules.

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  8. I daren’t even think about this, Mari. Every time they tweak something they have me worried. Some people seem to get an instant response. Try Jude or Becky- both are good at resolving issues. Good luck! 🙂


    1. It just tells me I have reached my limit for uploading photos and if I want to add more I should buy some more bytes – but I did this a year ago and I should have enough space for another few years of photos.


      1. I’m in the same position with mine. The layout changed completely when I bought added space and I daren’t experiment to change much. Fortunately I like it as it is. 😦

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    2. I found what looked like another Help site today and I’ve put my request for help on there as well, but I’ve got the same message back “We’re on it and you will hear back from us within 24-48 hours”. I never do! Total despair.

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  9. In what way are images not loading? I find the Upload button no longer works for me and I have to drag and drop the images from my PC files. I’ve assumed this is because I haven’t updated to the block editor and they are maybe no longer supporting old software. I can also still add images from the app.


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