Wish You Were Here

Lock down helps remind us of old friends. It also reminds me of when I used to send and receive a lot of postcards, and I remembered also the blog I wrote some years ago. Maybe now is the time to re-blog (and as it’s such a lovely day I can relax outdoors without feeling I should get on with sorting out my photographs for a new blog)!


Today I got a postcard from abroad! So what? you may think.

So absolutely fantastic that I did an impromptu jig in the hallway when I picked it up before reverently placing it in a prominent position so that I could look at it and admire it for a few more days.


Do you remember how exciting it was to receive a postcard in the days when people sent you postcards? Those mountain views, seascapes, hotels with the X placed just where the sender’s room was? The whiff of abroad that unsettled you as you sweltered in a stuffy office or maybe dreamed in your kitchen or garage as the evenings grew shorter and the winter light faded? You remember it now?

Mount Fuji, Japan

Next time you’re away from home, put away your smartphone, pack up the tablet, venture out and into the touristy gift shops and…

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3 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here”

  1. I was a bit grumpy when sorting mine that I often couldn’t read the date stamp. I still have a bundle unsorted. I will get up steam to do something with them one day. It’s hot at present and I have a damaged middle finger from slamming it in a car door. Makes dexterity a little awkward 😕. I do get lovely postcards from Viveka though 🤣💕


  2. I’d a text last week from a school pal who moved to England and married many moons ago. She’s been clearing her attic and came across a postcard I’d sent her from County Kerry (here in Ireland) .. Dated? August 1973!!! Brilliant!


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