Sculpture Saturday: in Cesena

Sculpture Saturday is hosted by Mind Over Memory

This unusual pairing of bronzes is Gli Equilibristi by sculptor Leonardo Lucchi. I took the photograph with a cheap throwaway instant camera in Cesena, Emilio Romagno in Italy, two years ago but unfortunately, my notes did not survive the trip (not a good one from the point of view of losing stuff).

Gli Equilibristi de Leonardo Lucchi

I stood before this amazing balancing figure with the corresponding male figure at the foot of the stairs for a long time, returning a few days later to try and get a better picture. I could never find a time when there were no bikes or cars or wheelbarrows parked in the space under the stairs and my efforts at removing them were not professional enough so I’ve left them in.

The sculptor lives and has his studio in Cesena, a town I an keen to return to as I only had a few hours there over two days and I wasn’t able to explore enough. Lucchi’s work is so energetic, his figures depict strong movement and I just have to see some more. If you’d like to see some more of his work, check out his website below:

Art Studio

A YouTube which shows some more

5 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday: in Cesena”

    1. Thank you Silver Tiger for your well-thought out reply and I am so glad you like this. It;s a privilege to be able to bring this to the attention of others who appreciate modern sculpture done in traditional ways. I am still amazed at the work.

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  1. It’s good to see that there are still living artists producing beautiful and meaningful figurative works and not lumps and blobs purporting to be “abstract art”. This sculpture is beautiful and harmoniously composed and I admire artists who combine pre-existing features of the environment into the work. This redefines those features and gives them a new meaning beside the conventional one. There is also a touch of wittiness about it, or, to use a term much over-used in contemporary art commentary, “playfulness”. There is a tension in the work – “Will she slip?” – that brings it alive.

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