What I saw on my walk today

A glorious sunny day but few people

It’s not just Covid-19. The weather forecast influences people’s decisions but often the meteorological office gets it wrong. And so it was today. The temperature was supposed to be around 17ᵒ with cloudy patches but we had wall-to-wall sunshine and it felt like mid-20s. The result was that only a handful of people were walking on the esplanade and fewer still on the beach.

One lonely figure sat wrapped in a blanket on the beach guarding the clothes of the two boys fishing by the pier who were wearing only swimming trunks so at least someone was benefiting from this burst of sunshine.

The Bay sands, once golden, are now less so, and many blame this on the 7 – 9 liners and tankers that used the Bay during the Covid outbreak when they couldn’t get into Portsmouth or Southampton harbours to unload their cargoes of people and goods. For some weeks they sat on the horizon, their engines pumping away to keep the ships ventilated and facilities ongoing. The noise from this was so great that a complaint was made and the harbour masters requested to speed up the entry into port.

Premier Inn opening soon in Sandown, Isle of Wight

Sandown has a new Premier Inn due to open soon on the Esplanade and it was good to see this finished at last. The Covid outbreak had stopped building work earlier in the year and we wondered if it would open for business at all this year. Now it’s looking smart and new and ready to welcome autumn and winter visitors to the town, where the winters are mild and pleasant and the temperature usually about 5ᵒ above that of the mainland.

The High Street was quiet with only a few shoppers hunting souvenirs and tea-rooms. But I noticed that one of our closed-up Banks (a few years ago 3 of the big five operated here) has been graffitied but a theme is not discernible. Intriguing yes, and from what I can see it is a community venture and they are appealing for donations. I wonder if the Bank has thought to donate something to improve the boarded up look of their building? Or am I being naive?

8 thoughts on “What I saw on my walk today”

  1. Nice to see some of your local scenery! We haven’t visited the IoW for some time now and so it’s good to pay a “virtual visit” through your photos.

    Even in London, the streets and public transport are noticeably less crowded (except perhaps during rush hours) than we have been used to. I read that town birds have begun singing more softly again because the noise levels have decreased.

    There does seem to be a symbiotic relationship between street artists and builders because hardly have wooden fences been put up around sites before the first paintings appear on them. Quality varies but some of it is quite good. Many street artists are graduates of art school and sell conventional paintings as well as displaying their talents on the street.

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    1. Even here the birdsong was noticeable during the initial period of lock down but when travel was again permitted visitors arrived in cars and motor-bikes causing traffic jams, noise and pollution leading to its decrease. We need the cars and the visitors as the island is totally reliant on tourism to survive, so that’s the trade-off. But winters are quiet, and most of the spring so I can look forward to my blackbird serenading me from the garden.


    1. I don’t think you’ll find it’s changed much, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. The island population seems to be divided between those who want it to stay as it was in Victoria’s day and those who want to drag it into the present day. My bet is that it will continue to plod on until economics force drastic change.

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  2. Yes, a hard time for all in the hospitality trade, but apart from that, I hate this time of year as the trading season winds down and there’s a feeling of ‘it’s all over’ until the spring. It makes me want to just go somewhere, anywhere, to escape.


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