Sculpture Saturday: Basel

Linked to Mind Over Memory who hosts this challenge.

It was just a few hours stopover in Basel – a town in which I hope to spend more time on my next trip to Switzerland. Neat, tidy, like all Swiss towns yet with a quirkiness that is all its own. I particularly remember some very lovely small shops and even in the short time I spent there I managed to pick up some interesting souvenirs.

Then I looked up and saw it.

The building is called the Rosshof and the sculptor of this work is Hubertus von der Goltz. I knew nothing about him until I saw this work but since then I’ve enjoyed seeing his installations and his work online. His website is worth a visit.

3 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday: Basel”

  1. Yes, I agree with your comments. I have no head for heights and this one gives me that cold feeling in the pit of the stomach, but I admire the idea and the workmanship. I think it is meant to disturb, perhaps he feels that ‘perfect’ Switzerland needs something like this!


  2. It is certainly a very striking piece and I imagine the impact would be greater if you were walking along the street and caught sight of it for the first time. As with other rooftop sculptures that I have seen, there is that moment of shock when you wonder whether it is a real person in a precarious position and then realize it’s a sculpture.

    As one who has a fear of heights, I find this sculpture slightly disturbing but there is no harm in that. Better a work of art that disturbs than one that leaves you unmoved.

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