12 thoughts on “I Can’t Resist This One”

  1. Ours is the opposite, Waitrose is the airier one but neither are in my town so I’m reliant on deliveries and for that I use Sainsburys as I can never get a slot with Waitrose.


    1. Tesco doesn’t do it for me but when I can travel to the next town and I can get someone to take me, I’m off to Waitrose to spend money on their cheese counter. Isn’t it awful how times have made us accepting of such small treats!


  2. I think my biological clock is way beyond yours. Let’s hope we all get to see some more marvellous things before too long.


    1. I should have put a warning on this one for non-UK readers. This was a joke (hence the title). Iceland is a big supermarket chain, Asda ditto, and Tesco ditto. Sorry to confuse you.
      Like you, I’m just longing for the day when I can take off again. We are in total lockdown here, no shops allowed to open except food shops, pharmacists, and newsagents for a few hours in the morning, no travel outside of one’s area allowed, so obviously no travel at all. With no barbers and no hairdressers until at least end of March, there will be a lot of hirsute people walking around.

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