24 thoughts on “The Most Useless Thing I’ve Bought This Year?

  1. Since we can and do travel – some – a diray is not totally useless. Mary always writes a diary when we are travelling, and it’s so wonderful to read that – sometimes years later. I gave her a personalized one for her birthday.
    Take care,

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    1. I don’t keep a daily journal when I’m travelling. I just write notes to remind me of special things and I don’t like bound books (like my desk diary) for this purpose. We all have different ways to keep memories alive, I often wish I could write a journal up every night as some of my friends do but I’m happier sitting watching the world go by until the cafe or bar throws me out!

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  2. I write notes on my phone when I travel………very fast scribbled bits……so I will remember the important stuff about a place………and then when I get home and actually write, it takes me forever to figure out what I was talking about when i wrote the note! But, it does jog my memory of the place! When we are gone for over a month places tend to get scrambled!

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    1. That was a desk diary used for appointments and reminders about paying final deposits on hotels, trains and planes, holiday bookings, lunches with friends, trips out, days of pleasure etc. etc. Now it’s just blank pages.
      I have mobile phones and use them only for phone calls and texts. I use a notebook, a jotter type whose pages are easy to flick over and a sharpened pencil. I also carry a lot of pencils with me.

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  3. I’m rolling about laughing on the settee, and my husband doesn’t find this funny. Well, it isn’t really, is it? You just caught me at a low moment. Or a high one- I’m not sure! I thought the answer was going to be a passport, Mari. 😦 😦

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    1. I’d forgotten about the Passport (two in fact, as I got an Irish one as well last year before the Brexit fiasco). All those unused pages. Can I sue anyone? Sweden’s Anders Tegnell, their foremost epidemiologist, suggested in a programme last night that it could be the end of next year before we see changes. Made me have an extra glass of Rioja to settle my nerves.


  4. I’d forgotten last year’s desk diary! And can I get a refund on an unused Passport? I was listening to Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s foremost epidemiologist, on Peston last night and he thinks it may be the end of NEXT year before we can return to normal – whatever normal is.


    1. Do you rely on your phone diary? I never think to look at mine and I silenced the ‘ping’ it gives every time it wants to remind me of something. I don’t take notes on it or read my emails on it either. I hate small screens and it’s not just because my eyesight is bad now. My passport is only two years old and I’ve only managed 3 trips out of the country – and one of those was to Ireland.


      1. I do, my iPhone, iPad and PC sync my calendar across all three. I can thus search Outlook for anything going back 20 years, apart from a few blank months when I changed devices and the back up failed. Settles a few discussions about when we did what! When I initially ditched paper in 2001 it was “organisers” that were all the rage and John bought me a Psion for my birthday. I used to wish I had one device with phone, diary, camera, music – and now, of course, I do! Amazing pace of development when you think about it.

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  5. You’ve got to find the funny side of things, hey? Ironically, I picked up my first diary in years for 2021 with all the thoughts of being organised and well planned etc. Had a little doodle in it and popped it in the drawer, where it stays.

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  6. I thought a nice big one would make me look efficient as I sat at my computer but with nothing to put in it ………. I also use my Google diary but I never think to check it. I’m better with paper.


  7. I agree, Anabel, all those things are brilliant but I just hate small screens. I have an IPad which I take on holiday, also a Kindle White for reading (but only on holiday) as I still prefer books and I also take 2 or 3 with me when I travel: my comfort blanket I suspect!


  8. No, I didn’t. When I moved six years ago from a much bigger house to my current flat (with garden) I had to dispose of a lot so as I had accumulated a lot of paper, it had to go. I was a feature writer (mostly travel) for many years so a lot of what was in my books ended up in articles. The one thing I did keep was my old passports, the ones with lots of Visas and stamps in them, not like the current bare things I have!


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