14 thoughts on “Life in Yellow 21”

  1. Thanks, Marie. I did think you’d like that one – it’s off-side enough! I was looking down from a Museum and it just caught my eye and luckily the windows were clean on that day.


  2. Like you, I now live in an apartment after years in a big, old Victorian house that had a draught from every window and door. Now I’m in a modern built (ten years ago) lovely warm, cosy place, white toned background, white carpet and marble tiles and I change the ambiance with curtains and cushions, throws, flowers and glass. This summer I went all pale with linen curtains but the flashes of colour I chose were lime green, olive green and rust, chosen because I already had some lime green glass and a lovely artificial rust coloured chrysanthemum which sits happily on the floor in a silver coloured tall vase. Cushions are cheap and cheerful. I still have a small garden though, which is essential.


    1. It’s the room of a friend who loves colour. Each room in the house is a different bright, block of colour. It sounds mad but it works. I wouldn’t have the nerve to do anything so bold, I’m vanilla all the way!


      1. I’ve seen homes with various coloured rooms and you’re right it does work. I like a white toned/neutral background as can change the added colour via cushions etc. Not that I do that on a regular basis! Though we do have a black wall 🙂 Hides the imperfections of the old wall. Our apartment is a 1960s build. Love the imperfections and apartment life. For me, it beats maintaining a house and grounds.


    1. Sheer luck that I had this one and even more luck in that I remembered it. I was actually looking for yellow cooking utensils when it popped up.


    1. They just caught my eye when looking out of the window of the Museum when I was more than a wee bit bored. There’s only so much porcelain one can look at.


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