5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – Vietnam”

  1. About 4 years ago we had a package holiday planned taking in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar we had to cancel because of my wife’s ill health. Your image reminds me of what we missed!

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    1. Sorry you missed your trip, but there will be other times, I’m sure. I had forgotten that I put this image in the Scheduled folder for inclusion this Sunday, then panicked last night when I thought I hadn’t posted anything and so you got Eton as well. Two images that could hardly be further apart!

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    1. I mistakenly put up two for Silent Sunday. Memory ain’t what it once was! Yes, isn’t the thought of a warm misty morning on a sailing boat, enticing. A plate of luscious fruit (already sliced up and ready to eat with fingers only), a pot of strong coffee, and I’d be set for the day.


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