Challenge Your Camera 9: Kitchen

This week Dr. B has selected the theme of Kitchen as a challenge to our photography. If you would like to join in #challengeyourcamera, the rules are printed below.

I’m not really into kitchens so I’ve found this one very hard. The things I thought to do have already been done, like arrangements in lovely jugs done perfectly by Marie from Hops, Skips and Jumps. My herb pots were nearing the end of their life, my pasta jars at less than half full looked sad, and the rest of the kitchen stuff was boring. Then my eyes lit upon my favourite Christmas gift, but because it sits in the corner quietly humming away I almost overlooked it. So, I give you my mini-wine fridge, flanked by my very old microwave (40 years?) and an orchid bought for me yesterday because I’d had a bad fall in the bathroom (that’s another story but I’m lucky to be all in one piece today and able to post).

Wine Cooler & Microwave

It only holds ten bottles I think, but I don’t drink a lot of white wine so that’s fine. At the moment it contains 2 bottles of wine, 1 bubbly, 2 Manzanilla, some fizzy water, beer for visitors and a few soft drinks. But it’s great and looks elegant. I couldn’t photograph it face on because it has a slightly mirrored front – in fact you can probably see the other side of my kitchen in the reflection – if your eyes are better than mine! The wooden lunch carrier on top of the microwave is real, i.e. not a tourist buy. I bought it from a village shop on my first trip to Thailand about 50 years ago after I’d seen similar being used by field workers. One compartment contains rice, one vegetables and one fruit,or, if available, a little bit of fish or meat.


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18 thoughts on “Challenge Your Camera 9: Kitchen”

  1. Reply to Cady: Yes, the microwave still works although it’s only ever been used to re-heat stuff. I’ve never cooked with it. I did try a couple of times but didn’t like the result so use it only for re-heating. I won’t buy another when this one gives up the ghost, The hassle with food is in the preparation – after that, the cooking is easy in conventional ovens.


  2. Yes, you do see more daffs on the other side of the kitchen. They are so cheap at this time of year, 75p. a bunch here and I can keep the house filled with their cheerful yellow. I do miss them when they stop. Thanks for helping me towards making a decision about the alarm system. Living alone, I know I really should have it.


  3. My eyes were drawn not to the wine cooler, the vintage microwave, or the lunch carrier, but to your lovely green jugs of daffodils- and do I see more reflected from the other side of the room? Sorry about your nasty fall and hope you are recovering. My mum has a community alarm system in case she falls (it would take me 30 mins to get there) and it’s a reassuring presence.


  4. Coming around to that way of thinking myself, but resisting it still! Glad you like my mini fridge, I think it is so elegant. The counter top at that corner of my kitchen is very deep and I need to fill it with things (I can’t reach to the back). The former owner had a massive TV there but I’m not a big TV fan and I don’t want one in the kitchen, I like to listen to my radio while I’m preparing things and I read when I’m watching things cook.


  5. Ah Mari!! What a disaster. I’m afraid I’ll have to side with your pals on this one – get yourself a personal alarm. Meanwhile – definitely time to open a bottle of red – for medicinal purposes only – you can have as much as you like as long as you don’t enjoy it!!! Love the mini fridge – what a thoughtful pressie!!!!


    1. Do you like my microwave because it’s almost an antique? It’s about 40 years old now! I thought my mini-wine-fridge would be the centre of attraction! But yes, the lunch box I could have made more of, as Dr. B. said.


  6. I know! Friends and family now insisting I wear a tag thing so that I can call for help if needed again. I know it’s sensible but it’s another step I don’t want to take. Still, there’s very little that some Anton Berg chocolate and some good red wine won’t help and I’ve got just the best excuse in the world to stop worrying about calories!


    1. Thanks, Jo. I was lucky. I was washing my hair over the bath as I hate doing it in the shower and I slipped and crashed down on the tiles hurting back and shoulder badly. I’ve already got a badly fractured back and i think I’ve added more! No bones broken though, so all’s well. Took me a long time to get up and pull myself together and I’m a bit sore today but my rainbow of bruises is interesting!


    1. You see, that’s why I say I have no imagination! It’s been sitting in my kitchen for so many years that I don’t even see it now as an individual kitchen utensil.

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