Life in Colour: Green

I’m trying to avoid green fields and green trees, so bear with me while I struggle. I found a few, so here goes.

Not quite 40 Shades of … but some green scarves
A favourite piece of lime green glass
Green Railings
A Greenhouse filled with Green-topped Pineapples
If you look carefully at the centre of the greenery, you’ll see a Sloth.

14 thoughts on “Life in Colour: Green”

  1. Not only do we like glass and scarves but we have family (and friends, I presume) who also buy us scarves knowing that we always appreciate them.


  2. I have a thing about coloured glass so I love that lime green piece!! And I also have a habit of buying scarves, especially when I travel 🙂 I have scarves from Otavalo in Ecuador (my favourite, a rainbow stripe!), Uzbekistan, Singapore, Riga, Guatemala, Botswana, Kerala, Kempten … Plus my sister buys me a scarf whenever she’s stuck for a present idea 😆


  3. I wish I could stop buying scarves but they are always so lovely. I go to Italy as often as I can and that is the country above all others, where scarves are in abundance. You’ll even find shops selling only scarves.


    1. I love glass of any kind. In fact, glass is the main ornamentation in my place. When we used to go to Sweden with the car to visit family I always brought some home with me.

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  4. You did well, Maris. Out walking yesterday looking for green “objects” that weren’t nature was a real challenge. Years ago, green roofs were a thing. I need to get up higher.


  5. You must LOVE green with all those scarves!!! That’s a beautiful piece of glass – I love lime green. I’m still going through photos here – and like yourself, dodging the fields and trees….


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