Pick a Word – March, 2021

Linked to Paula’s Challenge Pick a Word here.


I tried to find something other than horses that could be associated with Equine but I’ve hit a blank wall, so here are three from different countries.


And what could gleam more than the highly polished antique cars in the Beaulieu Motoer Museum in Hampshire, UK.

And still gleaming, what about the white terraces formed from sedimentary rock deposits of hot springs at Pamukkale in Turkey.



Jagged means mountains and rocks to me, pieces of wood and jagged edges on textiles but for want of either textile or wood, I offer you some rocks in France and mountains in Switzerland.


Buffets come in many sizes and from budget to stratospheric. I think one of the finest ways to enjoy buffet food (and the safest) is street food in Thailand or Singapore where it is always served fresh and hot from the pan (unlike hotel food which is often cooked much earlier and then put on display). These pictures are all from Thailand’s night-markets where it’s fun to meet up with friends, grab a table and go from stall to stall buying your food and sharing – a true buffet experience.

And here’s the bit of posh from my favourite hotel in Thailand, the Dusit Thani in Hua Hin.

14 thoughts on “Pick a Word – March, 2021”

  1. Thank you for your comment, Paula. I never fail to be thrilled when someone likes a photograph and as I’ve had a bit of a problematic day, your comment was doubly welcome when I read it this evening.


  2. I love Turkey but the current government doesn’t encourage one to travel there at the moment. Two lots of friends had retired there – or thought they had – but they’ve now returned as things are very troubled there now and the populace is unhappy.

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  3. All the photos are great though the Pamukkale one conjures up good memories of a roadtrip. Horses are so gracefully and highly intelligent especially so when they know the rider is a novice.

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    1. Pamukkale was magic, wasn’t it. We stayed at the hotel on site (this was back in the eighties) and I remember still, sitting on the verandah of our room with a bottle of wine and relishing the thought of further Turkish mysteries to come.


  4. This is a people pleaser, Mari. Love your ponies and the French cliffs, and that ice swan is fabulous but did you have to provide so much food? My supper is in the slow cooker and I’m starving 🙂 🙂


    1. Sorry about that, Jo, but I’ve been slavering over them myself and wishing I could plan a return visit. Just to wander through the night market in the heat (which I used to complain about), buy some silly beads and a scarf or two and then eat and drink. Ah, what bliss!

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