One Word Sunday – Spring

Debbie’s theme this week for One Word Sunday is SPRING.

So, I dashed into the garden with my camera and took these signs of spring today before the coming heatwave shrivels them up – if we believe the weather forecast, that is. But if we do bask in tropical heat from Tuesday, I won’t mind as the thought of warm weather at the moment just makes me sing.

Next to Daffodils, Aubretia always makes me think that summer is not far away.
In a pot in a corner of the garden I found this strange mix: one lone daffodil, a geranium and some osteospermums. It’s far too early for the geranium, I’m not sure about the osteospermums, and I don’t know how they all ended up together in this one pot, but any colour is welcome in my garden.

Link to One Word Sunday at Debbie’s here.

20 thoughts on “One Word Sunday – Spring”

  1. We are generally a few degrees higher than the nearest mainland centre, have supposedly two hours more sunshine, and our food-growing centre, the Arreton Valley, (from which a lot of your tomatoes may come) has a climate equivalent to Bordeaux and produces many varieties of tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, cucumbers etc. in exportable quantities and of course, we have the Garlic Farm. We also produce very good cheese plus of course, like everywhere else, we have gin, cider and beer production but we also have rum now and we have three vineyards. This is all in addition to the normal vegetables which grow and are sold from farm shops and local markets.


    1. Most plants and flowers are hardier than we give them credit for at this time of year and can survive a few days of chill 🙂 We saw some yesterday at Bushy Park and their buds were still tightly closed so yours are definitely ahead of ours here!

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    1. I love rhododendrons. In my old home we had masses as we had an enormous garden, we had yellows, oranges, reds, purples, all colours. My brother, who lives in Ireland, has a constant battle digging them up as they grow like wild bushes on his ground which is very peaty, and he rather distains my paltry bush when he comes over here.


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