One Word Sunday – Spring

Debbie’s theme this week for One Word Sunday is SPRING.

So, I dashed into the garden with my camera and took these signs of spring today before the coming heatwave shrivels them up – if we believe the weather forecast, that is. But if we do bask in tropical heat from Tuesday, I won’t mind as the thought of warm weather at the moment just makes me sing.

Next to Daffodils, Aubretia always makes me think that summer is not far away.
In a pot in a corner of the garden I found this strange mix: one lone daffodil, a geranium and some osteospermums. It’s far too early for the geranium, I’m not sure about the osteospermums, and I don’t know how they all ended up together in this one pot, but any colour is welcome in my garden.

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