Buying a New Computer

Unable to post at the moment because my computer keeps on crashing and giving me the Big Blue so it’s Write a Cheque Time again as I look around. I’ve been lucky (so I’ve been told) as this one has lasted nine years but I’m loathe to let it go. I have an iPad but I don’t like working on it, especially the fact that they ask you to sign in every time you log off for a minute or two. Also, I can’t make the print large enough to work on comfortably and as I have bad macular degeneration I really need my desktop.

I’m a bit shocked at how the prices have gone up. My current model has almost doubled in price, one now has to pay for Microsoft, which normally came bundled with the computer and All-in-Ones (which I want) no longer come with a CD/DVD slot on the aside – another extra.

I only have the dominant computer superstore in my area (good at selling, bad at giving unbiased advice) as all our small shops have been swallowed up but I want to buy from someone else, or even direct from the makers, but it is proving impossible to compare models as each store seems to have a different number for the models. Deliberate? To confuse the buye? Yes, I think so. In the same price range and same model and make, one offers 1TB (brilliant for photo storage) while another offers 512 MB and one has the new all-singing, all dancing NA instead of SSD – quicker it is said and “if you’re going to buy a new computer make sure it has NA” – according to a recent computer magazine article).

If anyone in the UK has any advice, I’m listening, but meantime, if I’m not around for a while, you know the reason.


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    1. Back again and have posted tonight. I’ve given my computer a good clean out, taken lots of pix off and put them on a separate hard drive, and going to stop panicking. Next month when things have settled down i shall go to somewhere like John Lewis where I like the service and discuss my computer needs with one of their technicians. So, I’m not panicking any more!

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      1. Good to read that the panic is over regarding the computer. Yes, good idea regarding the photos as they will slow down the computer and much better to be placed on pen drive. All I can say is, back up and more backing up 🙂


  1. I’m about to log off again as it’s taking so long to read anything and if I make a comment, well, I may as well take a packed-lunch with me as I’m here for far too long – enough to make my blood pressure rise too high and too quickly!


    1. Now I’m faced with it I can’t cope! I’ve addled my brain by reading too many articles in the PC Magazines and armed with just a little too much knowledge I have become too fussy I think. It’s gone beyond price now, it’s what do I need, storage or speed (to have both will cost an arm and a leg). I shall have to make up my mind soon as this one is behaving at the moment but liable to go up in a puff of smoke soon. Meantime, Im enjoying the respite from WP, not feeling guilty at ignoring the many emails coming in! but still checking in on favourites like yourself.


  2. I don’t know why my reply top didn’t join on with Dr. B’s for whom it was meant. Anyway, I’m with you on the Windows side, I have no desire to be owned by Apple (but then I’m not on Facebook either for the same reason). I may yet have to have a tower as if I have to buy a separate CD/DVD player that destroys one of the reasons for having an AIO, the space saving. I know the player is slim and unobtrusive but it is another thing. So, it’s really where I see myself in the near future, writing more or doing more photography? Space, you see. I’m no longer working professionally in writing and am more interested these days in photography but the infirmities that come with age mean that I cannot always do what I want. Maybe I’ll just stick a pin in a list!!!


  3. I can understand your difficulties, Mari. Selecting the right new computer can be a hassle. In the early days – the early 1990s – in Germany I had a good “computer guru”, who sold computers built to specification AND gace me good advice. Later [he sadly died early] I’ve become used to putting together my own computer. Most of the times it was a Dell, because there I could really choose components to my liking. Som just now I have both a desktop [quite old by now] and a (newer) laptop from Dell, and I’m happy with both.
    I prefer a desktop over an All-in-One just because it comes with a DVD-slot. I’m also a “Windows-Guy”. To me, it’s more versatile with more programmes that work with it and it has way less proprietary solution than Apple – and is (way) cheaper. I’ve tried Linux, but I’ve never found it easy to get used to it.
    Anyway: I wish you good luck with finding the proper new computer for you. I’m keeping my finger crossed.

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    1. Thanks for your input. I’m sort of anti-Apple as I find them too controlling having had a run-in with them earlier when I had my first iPad (I only got a second because the first was stolen and the Insurance Co. insisted I replace it rather than give me the money). I can sync my Sony phone, cameras, computer and TV so there’s no problems there, I can take a photo and when home, view it on my TV. I never work outside the house so I don’t use my phone for anything other than phone calls and music (I prefer to read a book when travelling – a proper book)! At the moment it’s coming down to whether I need more space or a faster speed and how much I want to pay.


      1. For me in the end it always boilks down to the question how much I’m willing to pay. As to Apple vs. Microsoft: that a constant “controversy” in our household. I’m the “Windows fan”, Mary prefers Apple.

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  4. You’re right …. it’s a minefield! What you buy has to meet your objectives….. sorry an obvious thing to say🤣. But my objective has always been to achieve integration between my laptop, tablet and phone. I could never achieve this with a laptop running Windows at a time when I had an Android phone and tablet. So, I destroyed the OS on my laptop and installed a version of Linux, Linux mint which looked and worked just like windows but everything synced between it and my phone and tablet. Nowadays I have Apple everything, laptop, tablet and phone. Everything syncs and integrates across all of them. So, I can be sitting in a bar drafting a blog post in Scrivener app. I get home and it’s already on my tablet too so I finish the draft on the tablet. Next morning I decide to post it so call it up on my laptop, insert images from the web and post it. It’s the same with shopping lists, type them out one evening on the tablet, next day go to Waitrose with the list already on my phone.
    I’ll shut up!

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