Red Transport

I haven’t posted for some time but I’ve been reading all your posts. So back again, dipping a cautious foot in first.

This week Jude asked for images of red transport and after delving into the archives and finding mostly slides, I finally came up with something that qualifies, I think. Although the fire engine isn’t showing very much, I hope the fire-station will provide enough colour, but there is a red vehicle in one of the pictures so I haven’t completely failed in my attempt to provide some red transport. These date back about 25 years I think.

The captions in this theme are hard to read unless you high-light them but the two pictures are of the Fire-Station in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Fire Station, Ponce, Puerto Rico. The red tiled frontage is a bonus!

This time the station has the local tram in front, and as luck would have it, it is red!

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