I have been absent from Word Press for a week now and it looks as though it will be another week before my work is finished helping dispose of the contents of the house of my friend who died recently and whose Probate has just been granted enabling the sale of the property. The executors live some 300 miles from here and they have done their best travelling up and down to dispose of what they could, seeing solicitors and hoping, always hoping, for completion of the sale.

Due to Covid ….. (you’ve heard this often enough), charity shops in my catchment area are chock-a-block with furniture, books, linens, etc. and we can only get rid of the very best of the furniture – both nothing in dark wood. Chairs, beds and mattresses can’t go because they have been recovered and don’t have the fire-retardant label attached. After 3 weeks on Free Cycle we only managed to dispose of one bed and headboard. Now what is left has to go to the tip. Seeing lovely old furniture being thrown away like this sits heavily on me but there’s nothing we can do. AND, removal of same is costing in the region of £400!

So, think about what you have lurking in corners that you could maybe find a useful home for and dispose of it NOW if you can. It has certainly shown me that it’s time I got rid of a few more items. The days when you called in a house clearance firm have long gone and unless you live in an area where you can leave stuff on the pavement for anyone to take away, you may be leaving problems for your executors.

Meantime, I am having to ignore/delete all emails as I just cannot make time to read them, but I hope to be back within a week. See you then.



5 thoughts on “Gone AWOL”

  1. You’re right about disposing of ‘stuff’ that’s just sitting and being ignored…. I’ve been trying to declutter and dispose but I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature so progress is very slow!
    This is a very emotional time for you Mari…ignore all those emails and mind yourself… XXXXMArie


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