Life in Colour – Orange

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Just a couple more orange pictures. My dwarf climbing rose is just about to give up the ghost for this year but I managed to take this picture a couple of weeks ago when the Indian Summer we are having persuaded it to give out a few more blooms. They all came together which is unusual at this time of year.

Dwarf Climbing Rose

There have been lots of terracotta pictures from people which reminded me of the market in Valencia where I always buy some cooking dishes, easily broken by someone as clumsy as me, but I love just having them on the worktops as they remind me of sunshine.

Pottery for sale – Valencia Market, Spain

Linked to Life in Colour at Jude’s here

5 thoughts on “Life in Colour – Orange”

  1. I would love to be able to carve – such a fine art, illustrated so beautifully in your wonderfully warm image.
    And I love your roses – the rich orange against those stunning green / grey leaves is fabulous, and so unusual. Especially to see so many big blooms on a dwarf rose, too – your garden must be a lovely haven.
    Those terracotta dishes remind me so vividly of our holidays to Spain as a child – they would be filled with exotic (so I thought!) aubergine, tomato or seafood deliciousness… I can smell it all now!!

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    1. Thank you for such nice comments. My garden is very small but I fill it with as much colour as I can. The carving was done by a local marine carver who made the sculpture from a tree cut down in the great storm of 1987 but I found out only last week that the sculpture has been cut down and destroyed (more building I presume) and I’m hopping mad about it. Pictures below.

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