Life in Colour: Orange

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A few more oranges before the month is out.

This first one is a hard-hat day. On holiday with Thai friends in Hua Hin, Thailand, I was shown around the site for the new Conference Hall at the Hotel Dusit Thani and then stayed on for the ceremony to appease the land spirits who had been disturbed by the building work.

Inspecting the site for the new Conference Hall at Hotel Dusit Thani, Hua Hin with GM Khun Victor Sukseree

In contrast we have here some lovely Koi at feeding time as one can guess from the fact that they are all swimming in the same direction, towards the food.

A Koi Pond at Feeding Time

12 thoughts on “Life in Colour: Orange”

  1. They seem in touch with their connection and dependence on the land, albeit in spirit form. I can see how this cultural belief might prevent a practical solution to problems, but I like they keep alive their culture and honour traditional beliefs.

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    1. I’m all in favour of people having their own beliefs whether in spirits, gods or just the self. Live and let live and if it harms no one then that’s OK with me. The spirit houses brighten up the landscape and like a belief in the afterlife and an all-powerful being, can give solace in times of hardship. I’m all for that!

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    1. The only problem is that it is such an intrinsic belief of the people that when things go wrong they blame the spirits rather than look for a physical cause. I’ve known people believe the spirits were causing their marriage breakdowns and others blamed the spirits for children not doing well at school. Such fatalism can prevent people finding solutions.

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      1. Yes, I can see that. I don’t think they have the same issue in Iceland as they see the little people as a very separate community, not having a direct impact on people’s lives in that way.

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    1. I’m hoping to do a post on this to link to this one, and yes, it’s a lovely custom and they really believe in it. They almost convince me too when I’m there and I’m always happy to go along with things like this that are so intrinsic to a life lived in communion with the land.


    1. Yes, my happiest days were spent there and my husband’s ashes have been scattered there as we spent so many good times there with Thai friends. It really is a very special place for me.


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