Lens Artists Challenge No. 177 – Celebrations

There’s always plenty to celebrate in the world and here I offer three different celebrations. The first one is the annual Old Gaffers Festival on the Isle of Wight, Old Gaffers being boats which since the time of King Charles I, have favoured the gaff rig, where the mainsail has a spar at the top (the gaff, hence gaffer), and at the bottom, (the boom).

The annual Old Gaffers Festival takes place in the historic Isle of Wight seaside town of Yarmouth and includes entertainment, parades, bands, sideshows, eating and drinking tents and everything needed for a celebratory weekend. Not forgetting the Old Gaffers themselves which are ranged out on the waters of the Solent, bedecked with bunting and flags.

Next up are two Japanese weddings which were taking place at Miyajima Island when we were there a few years ago. The bride and groom looked so elegant in their traditional dress as did most of the guests, the setting was perfect and everyone looked happy to be celebrating the wedding of the young couples.

And lastly we come to the Flower Festival in Limassol, Cyprus, which was a glorious village affair where things went wrong, the children ran off to greet grandparents in the stands, the band played as village bands do and everyone, including the onlookers, had a wonderful time. One of the best flower festivals I’ve ever attended, it was done for the people of the village, few tourists were around (it was out of season and the few that were there had mostly gone off sight-seeing), and everyone, from the Mayor down to the littlest tot, had a thoroughly good day.

20 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge No. 177 – Celebrations”

  1. Lovely to see these three festivals side by side – very different in some respects but the same in others. That’s especially true of the first and last – the colour, the sense of togetherness and community, the fun time had by the children in particular 🙂

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    1. Yes, it’s so lovely to see children behaving as we expect children to behave, away from phones, screens, and game consoles. They really seem to relish being together, or perhaps it just another culture (in the case of Cyprus) that hasn’t succumbed to the technology that’s turning childhood upside down. I’m just an old grouch, happy to embrace technology for myself but willing to forbid it to under 12’s!!!

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  2. Local traditions are not always easy to approach for visitors, due to lack of knowledge but also because priority is given to other things. You show here your real interest in the places you visit.

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  3. Diverse and wonderfu, Mari. The Isle of Wight festival reminds me of the fabulous visits to the north east of the Tall Ships. Always such a great atmosphere. And it must be pretty special to witness a Japanese wedding.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Jo. Yes, there’s always a great atmosphere at boating events and you don’t have to own a yacht to enjoy them. There are always a couple of tents erected by the big champagne people as well as ‘real ale’ tents so everyone is catered for at the Old Gaffers. The local nurseries turn out in force to sell their wares along the pavements and guess who buys too many plants and then can’t find room in the garden for them? And it’s the one festival at which you can rely on no head-banging music, they go mostly for jazz and folk, sea shanties and country. Quite old-fashioned and right down my street!


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