Spring – Official

It’s official – Spring has finally sprung. The proof is all around, from primula to mimosa as they struggle for space among last year’s summer bedding that refused to die down this winter.

17 thoughts on “Spring – Official”

  1. It is something I have not witnessed – the bursting of a northern Spring time. We have flowering trees all through out the year in Australia so there isn’t really the same Spring effect to speak of. It must be fabulous to see flowers like this and think of the joy from the warmth to come.

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    1. It must confess that yes, it is wonderful to see spring flowers appear – sometimes through a coating of snow (but not in my area). My husband and I once thought of emigrating but the thought of missing spring and autumn was enough for me to say ‘no’ to the idea. My husband would have loved eternal summer as he was a sun worshiper but he came round to my way of thinking in the end.

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  2. So cheerful to see all the hints of Spring, isn’t it? I was in London at the weekend and all the parks and gardens are starting to uncurl from the Winter slumber. Really gives me a boost to see the touches of life and colour.

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    1. Absolutely. I’m really cross today because I’ve had to wait in for the gas-man to come read the meter as it hasn’t been done for two years but he didn’t turn up. One of the best days yet for being out and about and I’d have loved a walk along the beach.


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