CMMC May – Imperial Purple

Link to Cee’s Photo Challenge here

I thought I wouldn’t be able to post this month as imperial purple or even a pale lavender, are colours that only occur in my flower pictures. Then I found a definite, imperial purple dressed doll in my Japanese folder, and at the same time, I noticed a recently acquired set of plastic drawers in my utility room. So, here they are:

Japanese dolls in Antique Kimonos

Of course, now that I’ve got two purple images I feel I can add the flowers.

Purple pansies after the rain
Not quite sure what the flower is.

Link to Cee’s Photo Challenge here

15 thoughts on “CMMC May – Imperial Purple”

    1. The consensus is that it’s a vinca so that will do for me. Thanks for liking. I’m still not getting an email when you publish so if I miss any, it’s not for lack of reading it’s lack of information. I try to catch them and eventually manage it, I think.

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  1. The doll is quite regal but the mass of pansies is my favourite Mari 🙂
    You could use image search to find out the flower. I have been doing that for lots of things lately. The only downside is that it tends to give US results more than the rest of the world

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    1. I was pushed into this by your examples! The dolls I’ve blogged about but I’d forgotten them until I was going through the Japan folder, and hey presto! a purple kimono.


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