The word is Busy for this week’s One word Sunday from Debbie at One Word Sunday 

Hey Ho! It’s nearly Monday. I almost went for the usual bicycles in Saigon and crowds homeward bound across the famous zebra crossings in Tokyo but opted for a quieter form of busy.

Keeping busy with social media on the metro in Tokyo
Street food prep in Hanoi. She’s busy because she has a lot to do, removing the meat from the bones, chopping it with that dangerous cleaver, cooking it on that dodgy looking grill on the bike. then serving it. No wonder she needs a tin helmet.

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9 thoughts on “BUSY”

  1. Great interpretation of the theme Mari – I especially like that second photo 🙂 And noting your comment to Jo above about whether such scenes are a thing of the past in Hanoi, I would say based on my 2019 visit that they are not. In the old part at least life seems still to be lived on the streets, food preparation not excepted!

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      1. Quite possibly. But it’s also possible that this is a lifestyle they’re so accustomed to that even with more money they would choose to do many activities on the streets?


  2. Now I’m getting two notifications from you when you make a comment, one in Google’s Priority email section and one in the Social section! Feast or famine as my old Mum used to say.


      1. Me neither – certainly not for any decent length of time!!😅
        That’s also a great shot of everyone on their phones – the odd person on any train nowadays is the one reading a book!

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    1. And have you noticed the sewer grill to her left? Maybe it’s the smell that keeps her upright? Mind you, I think Hanoi has come a long way since I took this picture in, I think, around the turn of the century. Hopefully, scenes like this are a thing of the past.

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