Photography 101: BIG and P.o.V.

Having difficulty in keeping up with the daily stint and due to other work commitments am not free to wander out and about with camera.  Frankly, even if I were, the bitter cold is enough to prohibit my photography excursions, as I find cold hands do not for good photos make!

I have just returned from Rome and when I saw BIG, the one thing that sprang to mind was the Colosseum, that massive elliptical shaped theatre of blood lust and killing, where in the first hundred days of the inauguration games in 81 AD, it is said that over 9,000 wild animals were slaughtered.  During another festival in 240 AD 2,000 gladiators, 70 lions, 40 wild horses, 30 elephants, 30 leopards, 20 wild asses, 19 giraffes, 10 antelopes, 10 hyenas, 10 tigers, 1 hippopotamus and 1 rhinoceros were slaughtered.  In fact, so many wild beasts were killed in the Roman arenas that some exotic animals became virtually extinct.

Here are a few of my images of that iconic spot in Rome.  Maybe I haven’t covered point of view so well, but I hope you will enjoy the perspective anyway.

Exterior of part of the Colosseum, Rome – Photo Mari Nicholson
Interior of Colosseum showing 5 levels
Interior of part of Colosseum, five tiers to hold up to 80,000 spectators. The animal pits are on the basement level from which they were released to do battle with either the trained Gladiators or the early Christian martyrs – Photo Mari Nicholson
View through entrance arch
View through one of the entrances to the other side of the Colosseum – Photo M. Nicholson
Part of Interior Colosseum
A better look at the pits below the seating, where the wild animals were kept before they were released to do battle with the Gladiators. – Photo Mari Nicholson
Colosseum by Night.
Colosseum by Night – Photo Solange Hando

N.B.   It is generally accepted that the Ridley Scott film The Gladiators is a very true depiction of what the Colosseum arena looked like in those days as the research was meticulous.

5 thoughts on “Photography 101: BIG and P.o.V.”

  1. Go to the outdoor shop, & buy yourself a pair of silk inner gloves. You can wear them under a pair of mittens or something which, of course, you take off when you want to take a picture. I used them in Alta, when it was 5 below, & found them very effective.


    1. What a brilliant idea! I should have thought of that and am now about to go online to the Patra people who do a range of these silk linings (and socks and polo neck silk tops). Thanks for that super tip.

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