The new Theme doesn’t work. Sorry!

I feel I must apologise to everyone who glances at my Posts because I’ve made a right mess of the blog.   All I wanted to do was remove my photograph from the middle of the featured image on my former theme but I couldn’t do this, so I tried to change it again.  This didn’t work and then I found I couldn’t get back to my former theme as it seems to have been discontinued.

Four or five themes later and at least a couple of hours, I have got to call a halt as I have Christmas presents to wrap.  I shall try and fix this tomorrow, but somehow, I have a feeling this is going to take a long time.  I am very frustrated with it now so I shall pour a large glass of red wine to help me put things back in perspective.  And I can blame WP for this!

Anyone got any ideas?  I want my categories at the top as I had before, but not so spaced out as they are on this theme.