The new Theme doesn’t work. Sorry!

I feel I must apologise to everyone who glances at my Posts because I’ve made a right mess of the blog.   All I wanted to do was remove my photograph from the middle of the featured image on my former theme but I couldn’t do this, so I tried to change it again.  This didn’t work and then I found I couldn’t get back to my former theme as it seems to have been discontinued.

Four or five themes later and at least a couple of hours, I have got to call a halt as I have Christmas presents to wrap.  I shall try and fix this tomorrow, but somehow, I have a feeling this is going to take a long time.  I am very frustrated with it now so I shall pour a large glass of red wine to help me put things back in perspective.  And I can blame WP for this!

Anyone got any ideas?  I want my categories at the top as I had before, but not so spaced out as they are on this theme.


10 thoughts on “The new Theme doesn’t work. Sorry!”

  1. Thanks for your advice, Travelrat, but I have done that, can do that. The problem was with my last theme, which I liked in every way, it put my avatar or photo dead centre and when I asked WP how to delete this they told me it was part of the theme and couldn’t be done. Then came the search for a new theme and I ended up with this one which I don’t really like. The categories are too spaced out and take up too much room and the other widgets aren’t arranged as I would like them. So, when I have an afternoon free I shall just have to sit down and start all over again.
    But meantime, thank you so much for taking the trouble to try and help. I do appreciate it.


  2. I’ve no idea how to start copying my blog, Anabel, so that’s out for now. Not to worry, it’s not the end of the world (something I’ve just realised!) I’m apt to get too tied up in computer work and forget there’s a whole different world outside my window.


  3. I#’ve tried visiting my fav. blogs but they no longer give the name of their themes at the bottom as they once did. Now all is says is ” A WP blog” or something similar.


  4. Oh no – hate it when that happens. I changed mine once by mistake, thought I’d clicked on preview but nope I’d confirmed change and of course couldn’t remember what it was before!!!

    Have you asked the happiness engineers for help?

    Another idea is to visit your favourite blogs and see what their themes are like.

    Good luck.


    1. Jo and Anabel. Be warned, it looks so easy but when you see your words and photos up there they seldom look as they should. This is my fourth time to change, I’m eternally tempted but only once did I like what I did and then I lost that one. I think I’ll just get Christmas over and then tackle it. Thanks for your support – it does help.Thanks.

      And thanks also, non-blogger Angela. Comments appreciated. Watch this space.


      1. I’m sure I read a wordpress blogpost that you can make a copy of your blog, set it to private and then experiment on that one before committing yourself on the real one. I’ve not tried it, but plan to investigate when I do decide to change. I’m only on my second after 6 years. But yes, enjoy. Christmas first!


      2. Down the left-hand side of your dashboard, you’ll see a list of options. Scroll down to ‘Personalize’ then the sub-heading ‘Themes’ with a button Go down to ‘Header Image, then just pick the one you want from your library. (It’s best to have something pre-loaded, with a size of 736X229 pixels) Select the picture, then click ‘Add New Image’ and you’re done.


  5. Sorry i can’t be of any help to you but just keep at it…I’m sure one of your Blog friends will come to the forward to your next article…


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