Silent Sunday

Mid-June 2020. Deserted Resort due to CoronaVirus.

A sunny, hot, Sunday afternoon and the beach should be full of families with children playing on the sands, buckets and spades, and the sounds of bat hitting ball. Beach cafes closed, ice-cream parlours boarded up, and the pier locked up. How are the families coping who have no access to outdoor facilities, no gardens, no nearby parks? We who have must be grateful – we are the lucky ones.

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8 thoughts on “Silent Sunday”

  1. Indeed we are the lucky ones, here in Perth WA they never closed the beaches. They certainly threatened but I used to walk along the top and the amount of people there you would never have believed there was a pandemic!

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  2. Ah! It’s that bit of water that stops them coming over. That and the fact that we have the most expensive ferry in Europe. I think it’s something like £140 for a car and 4 passengers (but there’s nothing cheaper even if it’s only the driver) and that’s not at peak times! Some hotels can offer a package deal. Everyone is incensed about it but what can one do?


  3. Looking on the bright side, the environment and wild life will have been enjoying a rare break from the continual assault by crowds of humans. The depredations will start again soon enough.

    As the streets become busier every day, I am already missing the delightful quiet of our exercise walks esrlier on in lockdown.

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    1. Although the peace is lovely, I worry about the lack of work in areas of low employment at the best of times, and the knowledge that some restaurants, pubs and small farm shops will have to close as they are unable to survive. But as you say, the environment has been given a holiday and perhaps it might heal itself a bit. A friend saw some baby red squirrels on her walk today – not that’s something I would have loved to have seen.


    1. We are promised temperatures in the 30’s from tomorrow so if I make it down to the beach I should have it all to myself. I’m thinking though, if my knees will permit and I could go the distance, I might turn inland and try and find the baby red squirrels that my friend saw this morning on her walk. She didn’t take a photograph as she didn’t want to scare them away but they played around her bench for about ten minutes she said.


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