Sculpture Saturday

Sculpture Saturday is hosted by Mind Over Memory

As my sculpture of Dionysus uploaded a couple of few weeks ago only showed part of the work I thought I’d add a few more pictures to show the whole carving.  It shows some members if the family of Bacchus.

Father: Zeus (supposedly the face of Robert Stigwood who commissioned the piece).

The God Zeus - Father of Dionysus

Wife Aphrodite

Dionysis & wife

Some of the symbols of Dionysus are also found in the sculpture.  

  • The Grapes and Goblet:   The symbol of the Grapes and Goblet relate to his role as the god of wine. He taught mortals how to plant and tend the grapevine, press the juice and make it into wine.

  • The ram signifies more the decadent side of Dionysus and is more often associated with the Roman version of the myth in which Dionysus is called Bacchus.

  • Ivy:  Ivy or holly vines were a symbol of immortality and decadent indulgence, Dionysus was often depicted wearing this type of wreath which was associated with merry making and celebrations

The finished tree
The Finished Work, located at Barton Manor, Isle of Wight

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10 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday”

  1. Yes, they are, aren’t they. I’m on awe of sculptors. How they can look at a piece of wood, marble, granite or other material and ‘see’ a form inside it is completely beyond me. But then, I lack all artistic talent.


    1. I think Stigwood was right to choose a marine carver as working on ship’s carvings, finding and then curing the wood, working on classical figures, probably gives a sense of serenity and a sense of a ‘classical’ life.


    1. I think so, but I’m prejudiced as I have watched Norman work many times. I’ve also learned a lot from him.


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