BLOCKS – Not liking them

It’s not that I don’t like the blocks themselves, it’s that the script offering them runs across what I’m trying to write, causing frustration and annoyance. For a while back I was coping but now WP seems to have put a gremlin in the works. Instead of the block for Image showing up, I get a list of blocks I don’t need or use (for business, mostly) so I have to find ways to get the image block up which means time spent searching. If I only use paragraph and image can’t the Blocks intuitively sense this? Why offer me blocks I’ve never used?

Today I was uploading a Sculpture Saturday post and the tools down the right-hand side disappeared, leaving me with a page which held my text and image but nothing else. I couldn’t find categories, tags, slugs, anything like that so I had to add these via the list of Posts. Then I wanted to defer this posting until Saturday, but that button wasn’t there either. I thought if I hit Publish it might give me the chance to put a date in but no, I hit publish and guess what, it’s published it!

14 thoughts on “BLOCKS – Not liking them”

  1. Never. Any more than I would have thought a few years ago that I’d complain that it took 60 seconds to download something! As I said to Silver Tiger above, “do you remember the old Amstrad on which most of us started?” Possibly you are too young, but it had a green screen with black writing (or it may have been the other way round), floppy discs, and it printed. and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It made me stick at being a writer as cut and paste made it all so very easy (I’m lazy) and even when I upgraded to a massive HP machine that took up half my desk, I complained that it wasn’t as good or as easy as the Amstrad.


    1. It’s really stopping me posting at the moment as I dread having to deal with the blocks again. I’m trying to get used to them because I know we have to accept as Classic will disappear very soon and I’d rather be au fait with them now than have to dive in at the deep end later. But I’ve also upgraded my photo editing software and I’m having a great time playing with this so writing has gone by the board!


      1. Bet you never thought … even a few years ago … you’d be typing a message like that!!! Imagine how amazing we’ll be in another few years!! 🤣🤣🤣


    1. That’s what I was looking for but it seems to have disappeared from my page. I only had a blank white page in Edit, almost as though I was looked at the finished article in normal view. I had used that before, but ………. I’ll stidck to Classic and put up with all the urging from WP for me to switch to blocks.


  2. Seems life is getting more difficult. Do you remember the old Amstrad? How quick we were to ditch it and embrace the new all-singing, all dancing Microsoft/Google/Windows world. I know the improvements are mind-blowing but sometimes I think ……….. ???


  3. I don’t have any truck with the block editor. It’s a nightmare to use. As long as the Classic Editor is available, I’m sticking with it.

    Ever since the year dot, I have written my posts in a text editor, using HTML to position images etc. Even that is not foolproof because WP doesn’t implement HTML completely or 100% correctly, and you have to learn to work around its little quirks. Once you have done so, it’s plain sailing.

    With the new blog, I write many posts in the WP app on my iPhone but – guess what? – I still use the plain editor, not the block, and still use HTML for formatting and positioning images and captions.

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    1. I agree. As we have to join eventually I thought I would grasp the nettle and get used to it early but now it’s going pear-shaped on me. Why oh why does WP have to fix something that ain’t broke?!

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    2. My understanding is that the Classic post will be discontinued shortly and Blocks will take over. That’s why I thought I’d train myself beforehand, rather than having to cope with it suddenly. But lesson learned, or not learned, and I shall revert to Classic until they push me to use blocks.

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