It is always sad to see deserted villages and town and even though they are being given status by UNESCO, they still harbour a feeling of meloncholy.

Fikardou Village – a Unesco Heritage Site in Cyprus

There is no escaping the fact that young people will no longer work at back-breaking, low-paying jobs on farms, and abandoned villages like these are a familiar site all over the Mediterranean. Even when some houses are restored by a local who works abroad, they are then used only as holiday homes. The greatest cause for concern then becomes the elderly left to fend for themselves when all the young people have fled to coastal towns for work.

7 thoughts on “SILENT SUNDAY”

  1. How interesting. Surprised to hear that houses in the German countryside are cheaper than those in Poland. About ten years ago I was in Gorlitz and Bautzen on the Polish border and I was intrigued by the difference in the buildings.


  2. In North-East of Germany there are many villages where there are no longer living young people. Near the Polish border a lot of Polish families have therefore bought empty houses in Germany while still working in Poland, these houses in the German countryside also much cheaper than in the Polish city of Szczecin (formerly Stettin) for instance.


  3. Sad indeed. Such is the price of “progress”: times change and people’s expectations change. the young can make new and better lives for themselves but the elderly remain marooned.

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    1. Very true. In towns the elderly can cope – to an extent – but in country villages and denied transport, they are completely marooned. As an ‘elder’ myself who can no longer drive, I count myself lucky to live within the town’s confines.


  4. Somehow I had never imagined Hong Kong as being affected by this blight. You have expanded my thoughts on this. But who can blame those who leave for a better life? Not me, having a comfortable existence in a nice town with all facilities. The only thing is for the world to pay much more for our agricultural goods so that farming can once again become lucrative and a career for young people. So, less on cheap garments and possessions and more on food!

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