One Word Sunday – Arches

Posted in connection with Debbie’s One Word Sunday – Arches

Arches are hard to avoid anywhere with ancient Roman or Greek architecture but I managed to find a ‘natural’ arch to supplement the two historic ones from Sicily/

Cave of the Nymphaen at Syracuse, Sicily
Arch in the rocks off the coast of Lipari, Aeolian Islands
Greek Theatre, Taormina, Sicily

If I had to choose a favourite it would be the Greek Theatre one, through which one can see a snow-covered Etna during the winter or on a still, calm, day, perhaps smoke erupting from the still-active volcano, at all times a perfect background to the play being enacted.

Posted in connection with Debbie’s One Word Sunday – Arches

9 thoughts on “One Word Sunday – Arches”

  1. Natural arches fascinate me. An arch such as the one in the photo is like an eye, giving s different view of the world. And why does an arch form just here and not further along? (Yes, I know it’s down to geology but let’s not be prosaic… 🙂 )

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    1. Have you seen the magnificent natural rock arches at Etretat in N. France? I wanted to include that but couldn’t find my photo (I have now). And then there’s The Needles, our own chalk stack of rocks that form an arch off the Isle of Wight where I live.


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