Six Word Saturday

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Not Yet Christmas, Here Comes Spring.

This wasn’t here yesterday. Seen from my balcony this morning my neighbour’s tree has burst into blossom. Maybe not ‘burst’ but showing the flag anyway.

4 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday”

  1. Yes, we are living in strange times and if one were being mystical one could say that nature is mirroring life which is today full of misinformation, fake tidings and woeful forebodings! But I’m trying to look on our new spring with pleasure and not even give a though to the fact that flowering now may destroy the buds for April. Today it is so warm here. I’ve been in the garden and re-potted some of my geraniums in the hope they will survive the winter. I don’t have a greenhouse so they just rest at the bottom of the fence and if I have word of a frost I’ll give them a fleece blanket!

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  2. Though we have had the usual fall of leaves from the trees which are now winter-bare and allowing us the chance to admire some of the buildings that have been screened from view throughout the summer, there have been some incidents of budding and new growth, and yesterday Tigger spotted a bee buzzing about in the garden.

    Nature seems confused and no wonder. A day of clouds, rain and cold may be followed by a sunny day of almost spring-like warmth. It’s almost as if the seasons have been discontinued and each day follows its own fancy.

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