10-Day Photo Challenge No. 3

I was nominated by my namesake Marie, at Hops, Skips and Jumps for the 10 Travel Photos in Ten Days challenge, a Challenge that involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day and nominating ten bloggers – that’s 10 travel pictures and 10 nominations in ten days. Lucky there’s no text required so I may make it to Day 10 despite Covid and Christmas.

It’s hard to decide whether I like a picture because I think it is good or because it reminds me of happy times – sometimes it’s both and that’s a plus.

So today I nominate Keith from TravelRat and I hope he can find time to join in the challenge. If you do, please ping me back and let me know but there’s no pressure to join if you can’t manage it.

7 thoughts on “10-Day Photo Challenge No. 3”

    1. Yes, it is. We found a lovely pension there, a very old farmhouse with enormous rooms and a minstrel gallery (what we called a minstrel gallery, anyway), run by a family whose youngest became totally attached to my husband and came with us everywhere. Parents were so trusting in those days! Marvellous food, great wine, and very inexpensive. I’m looking at probably 2007?

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      1. Not sure what you mean here? Did you attach a moji? I can only see a little square. Thanks for looking in and commenting. Makes all the difference to know someone takes the time to pen a sentence.


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