10-day Photo Challenge: 7

I was nominated by my namesake Marie, at Hops, Skips and Jumps for the 10 Travel Photos in Ten Days challenge, a Challenge that involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day and nominating ten bloggers – that’s 10 travel pictures and 10 nominations in ten days. Lucky there’s no text required so I may make it to Day 10 despite Covid and Christmas

It’s hard to decide whether I like a picture because I think it is good or because it reminds me of happy times – sometimes it’s both and that’s a plus.

So today I nominate Alison from TravelswithAli and I hope she/they can find time to join in the challenge – although I’m aware they do a lot of other challenges too. If you do decide you can join, and I hope you can, please ping me back and let me know but there’s no pressure to join if you can’t manage it.