Lens-Artist Challenge: Emotion

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This is the first time I’ve ventured to try the challenge on this site and I hope my photo entries manage to illustrate emotions. First up is exhileration:


When I saw this young girl rush into the sea it took me back decades to those heady days when a day at the seaside was such a joy, when the feel of the sand underneath my feet, the sea about to lap my toes and Mum and Dad safely watching me was all I needed for happiness.

In contrast is the following which I call Despair. I don’t know how else to describe it. We gave her the cakes we’d just bought and some money but left with that guilt we all carry when we see such sights on our streets. I took the photograph to remind me when I got home that life has little meaning for some people.


Next up comes Stoicism. This was a group of blind musicians in Cambodia who sat and sang on a corner every day. We didn’t know if they were being exploited by the two young men who seemed in charge, these things are difficult to ascertain in most countries but less so in a place like Cambodia. I hope they were looked after – their music was really good.

Stoicism – Bling musicians in Cambodia

Let’s finish on something more positive, Pride. Pride in a profession. This is Stefano Conia, one of 134 Luthiers in Cremona, Italy. Cremona is the place for violin-making and Stefano is descended from a family of violin-makers: he and his father run the business from a workshop which I was privileged to visit a couple of years ago. Every stage of the instrument making is under his control, often from the procuring of the wood by going to the forest himself to get it. In this day of mass-produced violins from China, Cremona is facing competition but it will be hard to surpass the perfection of a hand-made violin from the likes of Stefano Cornia.