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Walking on the Isle of Wight

The image may just qualify for the Skyline challenge but I didn’t want to upload another boring city or sea skyline which seems to be what I have most of. (And I know I shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition)!

14 thoughts on “Skyline:”

    1. Thanks for the explanation. I was brought up in an age when ending a sentence with a preposition got a sharp crack across the knuckles so the lesson lives on. I am learning to slacken my rigorous approach to grammar and soon hope to write as freely as I speak!!


      1. As I hoped to show, there was no such rule and the people who advertised it and, worse still, who enforced it, were mistaken, merely copying other bigots in promoting a chimera.

        The only rule is to write clearly in order to convey the meaning and, if possible, to do so with a modicum of elegance.


    1. Thanks for that comment, Janet, and for liking the header photo. It’s Switzerland (if that’s not obvious) and I was sitting on a cafe balcony eating Apple Strudel and drinking Suchard thick and delicious hot chocolate when I took the shot. Ah, where would we be without memories!


      1. That’s one of the joys of going through photo files–all those memories. 🙂 Switzerland is beautiful. In the mid-seventies, I worked in the youth hostel in Grindelwald over the winter. What a stunning place!

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  1. (And I know I shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition)!

    You ended your above sentence with “preposition”. Seems you ended with a preposition twice. Sort OF!
    Sorry. Could not resist. Your skyline is lovely. 😉

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