Just One Person from Around the World

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Guitar Player on the Old Bridge in Ronda, Spain

It’s hard to avoid guitar players in some towns in Spain but this one was actually pretty good and I did buy his CD which, surprise, surprise, actually sounded quite good when I played it at home.

Pequenas Senoritas en Seville

These two little girls were actually Peruvian, on holiday in Spain (I had their father’s permission to photograph them). He told me they that they had bought the costumes in Seville and insisted on wearing them all the time. He was going to buy a Spanish guitar for himself, and his wife, at that moment, was shopping for a black mantilla!

Viva España!

18 thoughts on “Just One Person from Around the World”

  1. Yes, they are. And in this lockdown time it’s so good to have an excuse to delve into the past and relive happier times.


    1. Glad the photos appeared. I hate phones for internet work as I never find them to work properly, and anyway, I like a full-blown-up picture. I’m devoted to my desk-top and will still buy another one when this one gives up the ghost. Even my IPad I only use when travelling.


    2. I couldn’t agree more. Spain is a lovely country to visit and I’m always happy there. Many years ago we had a car crash in Spain and ended up in hospital for 3 weeks there but we came home having made more friends in those weeks than we could believe. Villagers came from miles around to bring bottles of wine and sherry – and sympathy. It cemented my love of that country – and we still have the friends we made there.

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  2. Mari you can tell these girls like their new outfits! If they are like little girls here, they will want to wear them everyday when they get home too………….to school, to play in, to the store! It’s like a princess outfit!

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    1. Yes, I always wanted a Princess dress when I was young but I never got one, so I never became a princess – even for a day. I can well believe that these young girls will spend a lot of time in their fancy clothes when they get back home!


    1. Thank you. I always feel that Seville, more than any other city, carries the essence of Spain in its streets. It’s a city I never tire of.


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