A Blogger’s Return

Maybe I should add “in hope” to the title, as my screen is not showing me what I normally see when I log on to WP. It’s an all-white interface but I’ll continue just for a sentence or two and I will know when I hit publish if it’s working or not.

I made the changeover from one computer to the other with just a little difficulty – like transferring my Sonos system, which I prefer to operate from my desktop as my mobile phone is invariably in another room when I need it. Plus not all of my music made the transfer successfully. The music did but the titles didn’t and it took me some time to fix it.

I took a break from reading blogs and from blogging as I was doing this, as I decided I was spending far too much time online while books piled up on my desk and on the floor and my favourite hobby of reading was somehow being side-lined. Now that bookshops are again open, I can only see the problem increasing as I have a long list of books to check out and buy that I will really need more time for reading.

If this mini-blog works though, I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with a more sensible use of my online time – especially now that I can go out to lunch again!

Hope you’ll all enjoy the fact that lockdown has eased a lot for us, at least here in the UK. Foreign travel may still be a no-no for most of us but there is a glimmer of light at the end of that tunnel.

9 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Return”

  1. Good to see you back and looking forward to your ‘proper’ posts – but don’t neglect your friends, books or the sunshine for us, we can wait 😆


  2. Yes, all over (fingers crossed). I’m sitting in front of a 27″ screen which is wonderful – it’s like a small television set. Wonderful for photographs but it has drawbacks in that it shows up the flaws, especially in those that are scanned from old photos. Now I’m off for a walk, glorious sunshine here and I don’t want to miss it!


    1. Don’t think I’ll ever embraced the digital world for reading as I love the feel and the smell of books. Digital is OK for news and factual stuff but for the stuff of the imagination I want to hold the book. I’m a Luddite at heart.


  3. It’s good to have you back blogging, Mari, and to know that computerwise things have improved. Enjoy reading, and take care,


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