Pond or Ponder

This week for one word Sunday, Debbie at Travel with Intent has chosen “Pond or Ponder”. My take on this is below.

I think its one for each girlfriend!
Pond with reflections Kykr National Park, Croatia
The six passengers onboard cargo ship The Author, ponder what awaits us in Venezuela as we pass the favelas on our approach to the Port of Caracas.

14 thoughts on “Pond or Ponder”

    1. I don’t even know what a dual SIM is! I’m useless with phones, fairly good on computers (except when WP interferes with it) so I do all my work on a desktop (I don’t even use the iPad which I keep for holiday time – remember those)? I never try to listen, work or read anything on my phone apart from texts. I haven’t got an all-singing, all dancing phone but the one I have does so much more than I want: I often wish I had a simpler ring in-ring out type.


      1. I sympathise. I’ve just wasted the last hour of my life trying to get registered with the Portuguese system. Another learning curve. No wonder my head hurts 🙄💕

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    1. A lovely city with what seemed like friendly people, but we were only there for 3 days and that’s hardly enough time to make up one’s mind about such things. It wasn’t as scary as Rio but neither did it have the added frisson of excitement that Rio offers. We were caught in the cross-fire of two gun-fights while we were in Rio and had a very hairy late evening when we returned from a trip to an off-shore island and there was no transport of any sort in the port/bus station. Eventually, a bus driver commandeered a bus and drove us there – for a hefty fee – but we didn’t mind although my husband fretted all the time that we were being abducted! But the samba music was great as was New Year’s Eve with the Macumba sect!

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      1. Wow, that Rio experience was something else indeed! We had nothing like that on our visit, it all felt very tame – apart from the evening we spent in the Maracana Stadium watching a local derby!


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