Life in Colour – Gold

Photo Challenge 26

Connected to Jude’s Life in Colour here.

A direct lift from Jude’s site tells us that this month we will be looking for Gold, the colour of wealth, of power, of gods. Gold-leaf applied to paintings, gold crowns and coins. But look also for golds in the natural world, a fish, a sunset or sunrise, flowers and autumn leaves or sunlight on water. Or capture the light in the ‘golden hour’.

So I managed to find two golds, but neither of them are my own photographs. They are images I’ve just received from a friend who has a pond stocked with Koi and this golden one is his newest addition to the waters.

Golden Koi

He also has some lovely ducks, some very colourful, but at the moment all attention is on the chicks, fluffy golden yellow ones with yellow webbed feet.

‘Hello’ world. My feet feel too big for me at the moment.

10 thoughts on “Life in Colour – Gold”

    1. Yes, lovely. I thought I might put up a couple of Robert’s pictures of his other ducks, the very colourful ones. I’ve forgotten the name of them but they are so gorgeous. They don’t look real. I’ll try and do it tomorrow.


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