Pull up A Seat Photo Challenge 21


At Beziers, not far from Narbonne in France, there is an olive press with the best olives in the world and when I visit friends in the area, I buy as many of these, the Rolls-Royce of olives, the Lucques, as I can carry home. Here, among hundreds of olive trees, is a bench made from an olive tree on the farm. I’d love to own this bench – a definite “pull up a seat” situation. It helps that almost next door is the Chateau Roquette sur Mer vineyard, where the delightfully named Vins de la Clape are produced – and an onsite shop. Who would have guessed?

Bench made from an Olive Tree at the farm where the Lucques olives are farmed.

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11 thoughts on “Pull up A Seat Photo Challenge 21”

  1. I looked at the photos first and thought the bench was artsy and great
    However – then I read
    Your post and now that bench takes on a whole new meaning
    Never heard of these olives and sadly I do not eat olives – but I love learning about food and of course not all
    Olives are the same

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    1. Olives are one of those fruits that you either love or hate. In my case it was love at first taste and my fridge is never without an open container of my favourites. Glad you liked the bench, it is lovely isn’t it!

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      1. How lucky you are to be able to buy such a one-off piece. We used to see such pieces in Thailand but they were made of teak and too heavy to ship home. On the plus side, we managed to have a teak life-sized baby elephant shipped home way back in the seventies with the help of a local exporter and it graced out front steps for many years until it was stolen one night. The Police reckoned it was taken by a visiting rugby team that caught a ferry in the wee small hours but they never managed to recover it. It would have taken at least 3 strong men to lift it.

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