Problems with MS, Edge & Bing

Regular readers of my blog will be aware that I’ve been having problems with signing in and commenting on other blogs, to the extent that I almost gave up on making comments. I tried to keep in touch, however, although it was a time-consuming ritual to ‘like’ and to comment as I had to sign in each time I made any comments or ticked a like box.

Now, I hope, I’ve found the answer. Since I got this new HP desktop which came with MS 365 and Win 10 already installed (perfect in every other way), I’ve been trying to find a way of getting rid of MS’s chosen browser Edge and Bing and re-installing Google Chrome. It doesn’t want me to do this and stops me every time. However, I’ve found that if I install Google manually and stay with it for a period of time, like staying in WP and not moving to another site, my problem disappears.

The Community Forum on HP and on Edge and Google all agree that MS and Edge is keeping out those who want to revert to Google. I can only hope that someone finds a permanent solution to what is an unfair use of Microsoft’s power to inflict it’s chosen browser, Bing, on everyone who has the misfortune to buy a computer with Edge and Bing built in.

Meantime, I’ll continue to install Google manually each time before going into Word Press and this way, life may return to normal in some small way.

13 thoughts on “Problems with MS, Edge & Bing”

    1. Lovely to have you back, Jo, if only for a little while. Hope your homestay is good and that you are enjoying yourself. My problems are still there with the new computer but at least I’m now coping as knowing your enemy is the first line of defence. I have found a way of putting the Chrome icon on my task bar and although it is irksome to have to keep on clicking on it when I want to look up something (Edge & Bing still hover in the background), at least I can do this and I can now read the blogs, like and comment without having to spend half a day on it. Catch you later!


    2. For some reason I couldn’t reply on the other blog in which you asked me if Marcus had an underlying illness. No, he didn’t, although he has asthma, but he works with a lot of others and I doubt if they mask up all the time. The Covid has left him with some blood clots and he’s been told he’ll be on Warfarin for life! That’s not a good outlook for a 41-year-old bloke in Sweden.


      1. I regard asthma as an underlying issue when it comes to Covid, Mari, because it attacks the lungs. My son has it too and it’s a constant source of worry. Wishing Marcus luck on the journey ahead. 🤗💕

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  1. Ah, so this is how you resolved your problem! What a pain though, having to sign into Google each time. My HP laptop came with Bing as the default but it seems perfectly happy with my choice of Chrome instead and didn’t resist when I had a brief flirtation with Firefox while trying (in vain) to sort my pingbacks issue. Odd that yours should be so stubborn 😡

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    1. Next thing is to get on to HP and complain to them. They installed Edge after all, I didn’t have a say in the matter. Anyway, it is such a relief not to have to do all that signing in 4 times for every blog I wished to like or comment on and often the comments wouldn’t be sent if Jet Pack took over. For the time being I’m happy just signing in say twice a day.

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  2. You’ve certainly persevered over the months Mari !!! I’d have given up in despair ages ago. Your comments have been coming through – I hope you’ve been receiving my acknowledgements and replies. You emailed me at one stage but I’d no luck responding to that – the address wasn’t recognised… For what it’s worth – I’m super-impressed with this post and your replies above – you’ve definitely been learning something along the way!!!!!

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    1. Thanks, Marie. Yes, I have learned something along the way, not that the fact that I now know what the problem is helps to solve said problem. “They” still have the power to dictate to me what I should use in a machine I’ve paid a lot of money for. I won’t give up though, I hare being beaten and I’ve got the bit between my teeth now. But I know I have no power and in the end, it is Microsoft that will have the last word.

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    1. According to PC World there is nothing we can do at the moment. Various parties are trying to influence the big boys to be more generous in what they allow their clients to use but I have no faith in that. Maybe they could all join Bezos and Musk in one of their rockets and go off to the moon never to come back!

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  3. I’ve never had a problem switching browsers. I have MS 365, too, and Windows 10. Of course, it installed Edge, but I could still keep my previous and favourite browser, Firefox. In also have Chrome, and I can switch between all three browsers withour any problems. I’m always asked, when I switch, if I want to make that browswer my preferred one, but then say “no”.


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